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Our Investments

Actively acquiring producing and non-producing mineral and royalty interests across the Lower 48.

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Non-Producing Minerals

Copper Ridge works with landowners who have not yet realized the value of their non-producing minerals.  We acquire non-producing minerals that are either unleased or are subject to an active oil & gas lease. 

Producing Minerals

Many mineral owners receive royalty payments from their producing minerals.  If you're like many of the people we have worked with, it's likely you've seen these payments drastically change month-over-month.  The inconsistency of this passive income makes long term financial planning a challenge.  In some cases, mineral owners want to simplify their tax situation or use the sale proceeds to make a meaningful personal purchase.  Contact Us today to see if selling your producing minerals may be a good option for you or your family.

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Royalties & Overriding Royalties

Some owners we work with are actively receiving revenues from producing oil & gas wells where they own a royalty or overriding royalty interest as opposed to the actual minerals.  These revenues are tied to existing wells and when those wells stop producing, so do the royalty payments.  We help owners maximize the value of this revenue stream in the form of an acquisition and lump-sum payment.

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